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Explanation of changing the computer language on Windows

Explanation of changing the computer language on Windows

Explanation of changing the computer language on Windows Changing the computer language is difficult for many people. Changing the language in the computer makes it easier for users to understand how to deal with the computer. Changing the language in the computer with pictures you will learn about in this article.

When you buy a new device, and you see that the language is English and you need to change it, or you receive the Arabic language and you want to change it on the Windows system, all you need is to adjust some settings in the Windows system of the computer.

What is the computer language used?

Regardless of the computer language itself in which the computer understands the commands, which are the codes programmed to implement applications and the computer operating system itself, but in any case, the language that people use, whether it is French - Arabic - Urdu - Latin - Chinese - Hindi - Spanish - Bengali - Portuguese And many other languages.

The computer understands our requirements in using the computer through communication systems, in terms of giving codes or symbols and then implementing the required, for many programming languages ​​to implement many on approved computer devices, which may actually provide us with the best picture for use.

Any user, regardless of their language, can change the language according to their actual needs in dealing, and this is through the system settings of the computer.

Our use in understanding and installing programs, as well as modifying files and adjusting the settings of our humble device, is very important so that we can deal comfortably with the computer. Complicated matters, this makes them ignore the problems that have no limits with this genius, our lives have become much easier than after the invention of the computer. In a little similarity between the beginning of his invention and between our time in the form and the possibilities it contains, we realize the development that took place over the years from 1940 until now and it is still continuing.

 How to change the computer language

A method that a person needs to understand and deal with on the laptop. Many people wish for the appropriate language to understand the computer, and some adapt and do not search for the appropriate language for them so as not to waste some time. This may hope for a change in the look, Windows and the rest of the contents so that he does not get bored of the routine, before we make any change, you should know that you can actually go back to the original language or add any other language, we will explain to you very important and useful details from which you will understand how to change the language of the computer Windows 10 .

The correct way is how to change the computer language, which is as follows:

  1. At first, you have to press "start" on the side of the screen.
  2. A list will appear with you, click on the word "Settings".
  3. A new page will open with you, then click on "Language and time".
  4. Then from the side menu on the page, choose the language from it.
  5. Then the display language in windows, and select the language that you need to use.

Note: If you need to add a new language to your computer, follow the next paragraph.

Steps to add a writing language to Windows 10 and others

Undoubtedly, adding a new language that is not present in Windows requires the Internet, for the reason that it is downloaded using the network and then you can install it on your device very easily.

  • Click "Start", then go to settings.
  • Open "Language and time".
  • After that, choose the language from the side menu.
  • On the page in front of you, scroll down the preferred languages.
  • Click on the "+ add language" sign, choose the language you want, then click Next.
  • Make sure the internet is working.
  • Check the box "Install language pack" and "Set a display language in windows" and "Handwriting", then click on Install.

Important note: After installing the language you have chosen, go to the top of the page when displaying language in windows, you will notice that the language has been successfully added in the rectangle, choose your preferred language for you on the computer. It will ask you to restart the computer and then the language will work completely and correctly.

How to add the Arabic language in Windows in an easy and simple way

Some of us in the Arab world, when buying a new laptop or computer, notice that the preferred language that officially works on the device is English, and if you want to change it, you will find it difficult to implement. In any case, my friend, do not worry, it is very easy and simple, and through how many steps you will notice the Arabization of the language without going to maintenance specialists or engineers and others, follow this paragraph with me and you will then be able to deal in Arabic on your own computer.

  • First of all, make sure that the internet works on the computer, through Wi-Fi, USB, or through a wire connecting the Internet.
  • First, go to the "Start" menu, and then go to "Settings".
  • Choose from the tab that will open in front of you "Language and time".
  • After that, select "Language" from the side menu.
  • After that, go to "Preferred languages", then click on the word "add language".
  • Type Arabic and Arabic, then install it on your device.
  • After downloading it, you must go to the top of the page at "Display language in Windows", choose the Arabic language that was installed, and then restart the computer.

Then you notice that the language has already been installed after opening the computer, and you start using it normally in the pages and in the language of writing on the keyboard as well,

How to assign preferred languages ​​on Windows PC easily

You want to customize a number of languages ​​on your computers, so it is necessary to follow the steps step by step until you add them.

  1. goog_123157213Go directly to settings from the start menu.
  2. Select the language, time, and then from the DOS language page.
  3. On the page in front of you is the preferred languages ​​box, click Add a language and select the languages ​​you need.
  4. Then the languages ​​you select are already downloaded and installed on your computer.

how to change youtube language on computer

YouTube, known as a subsidiary of Google and the second largest search engine in the world, many people use the YouTube application on their computer, but they cannot deal with the site because of the language. In this paragraph, I will introduce you to the best solution to change the language of You Tube.

Go to the browser and type YouTube, then log into your YouTube account, after you finish click on the icon with your profile picture, a list will open with you and you will find it at the bottom of the language, it will open with you all the languages ​​​​in the whole world, choose the language you want and you will have changed the language of you tube successfully.

Change the computer language from Arabic to English with the operating system

You can switch between the languages ​​you have on your computer, if one of them is on your device that you cannot understand and you want to switch to Arabic, follow the following steps.

Click on start and go to settings, then language and time, after that click on the language from the list on the side, then go to the display language box in the windows, and from here change the language to Arabic.

If it is not on your computer, you can scroll down to Add a language and download it again.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

 To change the computer language from the keyboard, many people encounter it when they use to type on the keyboard. Changing the writing language is not complicated at all, by pressing “shift-alt” just changing the typing language is quick and easier. Also, you can change the language with the mouse from the bottom left of the computer or laptop screen quickly and without effort.

Note: If there is only one language, you can add a new language to exchange between them in writing, go to the settings and choose the language you want, then add it.

Using pictures, add or delete a language from the keyboard

You type on the keyboard, but you notice that there are many languages ​​that switch between them and that you are late in typing. The matter is very simple. You can delete any language you do not want through the method: you have to go to Start, then Settings, then the language, then the preferred languages, the languages ​​installed on you will appear. Click on the device once and you will see the delete icon, click on it. In this way, it is similar to any language you want to delete until it is based on the languages ​​that you only need to write.

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